SPELLCHECK.CC is a free online multilingual spell checking service. It's a non-commercial, enthusiastic project that relies on Open Source software and open web standards.

Front-end of this service utilizes the BoogieSpell open source project. BoogieSpell is our fork of Amir Salihefendic's open source spell checking front-end called GoogieSpell. BoogieSpell is distributed under the GNU General Public License and we just applied for a project space at SourceForge.net to host the sources and collaborate with other developers. Until then the sources of BoogieSpell can be obtained on request via our contact page.

On the back-end this site utilizes Google's Toolbar Document Spell Checker Web service. Thus, all texts are indeed spell checked by Google in an anonymous way. All requests to Google are sent from our server. We don't reveal any information about our visitors to any third parties. Neither we keep logs of the spell checked texts or store information about the users of this service.


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